Tomtor field


according to c Federal Law No. 21.12.2021-FZ dated December 421, XNUMX
“On Amendments to Article 28 of the Federal Law of July 11.07.2011, XNUMX
No. 190 - Federal Law "On the management of radioactive waste and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" at present, the placement of solid very low-level radioactive waste, solid low-level radioactive waste generated during the implementation of activities not related to the use of nuclear energy for the processing of mineral raw materials with a high content of natural radionuclides at industrial facilities created after the date of entry into force of this Federal Law, is carried out at storage facilities for radioactive waste generated during the mining and processing of uranium ores, based on a decision of the Government of the Russian Federation.


Socio-economic characteristics

The project is in line with the strategic interests of the Russian Federation and will saturate the domestic market with high-quality rare-metal products.
TriArc Mining LLC pursues an active social policy in the regions of presence, taking into account local traditions and people's way of life.
Plans to create more than 2000 jobs are aimed at increasing employment of the population, not only at new enterprises (mining, hydrometallurgical and logistics), but also in related areas: transport, trade, economic, fuel and energy, social, etc.

The deposit is located in the northwest of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) of the Russian Federation, within the Oleneksky ulus, 400 km south of the Laptev Sea coast, on the watershed of the Udzha and Chimara rivers.

The project for the development of the Tomtorskoye deposit is one of the largest Russian projects, the implementation of which will make it possible to multiply the volume of rare earth metals and niobium produced in the country.

It is being implemented by TriArk Mining LLC and involves the construction of a mining enterprise in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and a plant for processing ore from the Tomtor deposit in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

The range of products planned for release is ferroniobium, neodymium and praseodymium oxides, bulk concentrate of the medium-heavy group.

Project development requires special competencies in the field of REM mining and processing, which are similar in their characteristics to uranium mining and processing. In this regard, the redistribution of ore processing is planned to be created in
Krasnokamensk, Trans-Baikal Territory at the industrial site
PJSC "Priargunsky industrial mining and chemical association".